COVID-19 Insights
COVID-19: As always, we’re here to help

COVID-19 has turned your marketing plans upside down. Are you questioning everything and wondering how to protect your company and brand during this turbulent time?

We are here to help by providing research, guidance and examples of how to navigate during this global crisis. 

Marketers have been utilizing our free, virtual Insights library to view recent examples of VAB content to guide them through this time. If you don't already have an account, simply sign-up for immediate access.

Just launched! A VAB Scoop.It board where we will continue to gather current news articles on coronavirus and how it is impacting the media industry. This will give you a clear overview of how the situation is evolving. You can access our board via this link.

  • A Matter of Principle explains the importance of protecting your brand health and the financial benefits of long-term brand building.
  • America's Newest Pastime is helping marketers justify shifting their lost sports impressions to news programming.
  • CFOs: Marketers Key to the C-Suite provides practical advice on how to foster a strong relationship with your CFO, which is especially important now that many marketers budgets are being scrutinized or in flux.
  • Strengthening the Partnership: 3 Ways Agencies Can Better Guide Their Clients provides agencies with guidance on how they can be true partners to their clients. Particularly in turbulent, uncertain times like these, agencies are called upon to advice their clients and keep them focused on the principles that are proven to build strong brands.
  • VAB’s six years of custom attribution work correlating TV spend and website traffic for over 500 brands across 85 categories provides marketers evidence that advertising directly affects ecommerce traffic and revenue
  • Our newly released members-only Resource Guide to COVID-19 will answer some of the toughest questions you're facing such as, "Should I decrease my advertising?"  "How do I build a stronger relationship with consumers during this time?"
  • With retail stores closing and more revenue shifting online, Deciphering DTC  enables legacy marketers to learn about the inner workings of the most successful ecommerce companies.
  • Committed illustrates why multiscreen television is turned to during a crisis by quantifying America’s emotional attachment to TV programming.

In addition to our existing content, we are tracking the real-time effects of COVID-19 on video consumption including both live and streaming viewership, as well as how a potential recession could impact consumer spending behavior and patterns. 

Please feel free to lean on us during this time of uncertainty and remember you can always reach out to us directly with any specific questions you may have at [email protected].

Most importantly, we hope you and your family are safe and healthy. 


Please stay tuned and check back here for continued updates.

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