The Executive Roundtable: Mindful Brands and Inclusive Video

Brands Addressing Social Issues and Using Video to Drive Inclusive Messaging

VAB EVP Danielle DeLauro joins eMarketer Co-founder and Insider Intelligence Chief Evangelist Geoff Ramsey to discuss the role of brands in addressing social issues and the importance of video to drive messaging about diversity and inclusion.

"Ad campaigns with a core message of diversity and inclusion deliver stronger brand results across the entire purchase journey - period."  VAB EVP Danielle DeLauro

To learn more about how brands can stay relevant during this time, listen to the podcast below.

VAB will always embrace equality and support efforts of diversity and inclusion. We are also committed to helping marketers create strategies and campaigns that engage multicultural audiences. 

Visit our Multicultural Marketing Resource Center for continuously updated information and insights and check out our latest report, Do the Right Thing:  How Diversity and Inclusion Drives Brand Outcomes for more information on how ad campaigns with a core message of diversity and inclusion can drive greater awareness, digital interaction and sales.

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