The Halo Effect: TV as a Growth Engine
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The Halo Effect: TV as a Growth Engine

Why Brands are Accelerating their Path to TV, in partnership with Effectv

Upending the Playbook: Why Brands are Accelerating their Path to TV

How can brands enhance their reputation, legitimize product or service offerings and target prospective customers? Through TV as the growth engine to drive measurable results across all life stages.

The traditional ‘marketing playbook’ assumes that brands should wait until they are more established before advertising on TV.  However, over the last few years, many brands have upended that playbook and started accelerating their path to TV. 

Why?  Across all life stages, both DTC and non-DTC brands experience significant business outcomes as a result of the scale, legitimacy and halo effect their TV advertising delivers.

This new paper, The Halo Effect: TV as a Growth Engine published in partnership with Effectv is a rich analysis of the impact that TV has on a brand’s digital storefront and platform.

A few important findings:

  • No brand is too young to benefit from TV. The analysis of nearly 200 brands proves that young brands experienced a +138% increase in web traffic after advertising on TV, a much greater increase than that of older brands. Younger brands reap the most benefits from accelerating their path to TV.
  • Both DTC brands and non-DTC brands enjoy the halo effect of TV driving traffic to their digital storefronts. Across all life stages, both DTC and non-DTC brands saw an immediate double-digit increase in unique visitors to their digital platforms during their TV launch months.
  • Brands that “test and learn” are rewarded. Brands who begin a ‘test and learn’ phase quickly scaled up their investment, resulting in an average of an 80% increase in website traffic.

VAB, Effectv and Forecast Labs brings you real world case studies and the reasons why brands are fast-tracking their path to TV. We will dive into key DTC categories such as home furnishings, home insurance, health/wellness & personal care, online delivery services & meal kit subscriptions to non-DTC categories such as QSR’s, home goods & services and B2B- most experiencing triple-digit lifts in website traffic after they launched their TV campaign.                                         

To see how TV gives brands at all life stages the platform to catapult their business forward, download the paper.

Listen to the accompanying webinar ‘The Halo Effect of TV’ with industry leaders Danielle Delauro, VAB, EVP, Jo Kinsella, President, TVSquared, James Rothwell, VP, Global Brand & Industry Relations, Comcast Advertising and Duane Veran, CEO, MediaScience share strategies and insights that prove the significant benefits and business impact of advertising on TV.

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