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Media and Marketing: Training Resources

Looking to brush up on the latest media trends, insights and opportunities?

Bring you and your team up to speed on the latest in video, media and marketing strategies.

This training guide offers a host of resources - reports, webinars, videos and podcasts to help you and your team stay up to date and be prepare for what’s ahead.

Multicultural Marketing 

Are you looking to learn more about multicultural marketing?

Visit our Multicultural Marketing Resource Center for information about opportunities in engaging audiences across ethnicities. You'll find data and actionable insights on the nuances of media consumption and behavior. 

Marketing Principles for Today's Environment

Need a "marketing playbook" to help guide you through our current climate of uncertainty?  

Check out our Marketer's Guide, 'A Matter of Principle' as well as the updated version to see how basic marketing principles can be applied in our current environment. 

You can also view our related podcast, 'Building Brands in a Performance-Driven Digital World' for more information. 

Advertising During a Recession

Are your clients questioning if they should be advertising during the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic and economic downturn?

Learn more about the undeniable link between share of spend and share of market in our guide 'Keep Calm and Advertise On' which offers 100 years of clear data and case studies that provide the importance of advertising during a recession to ensure both short-and long-term brand success. 

You can also view our webinar for further information. 


Media Consumption in Today's World

Are you looking to brush up on device usage? Do you want to have a better understanding of consumption in today's connected world? 

Check out our latest device usage report to learn who is using what devices, how much and when. 

Direct-to-Consumer Strategies

Interested in learning how the fastest growing brands are achieving their success? 

'Deciphering DTC' is an insider's guide to how brands grow, with lessons for every brand regardless of category or business model.

Video Streaming 

Need the latest in video streaming? 

For the latest coverage on the streaming ecosystem, how consumers are streaming now and the opportunities for marketers, check out our Marketer's Guide, 'Navigating the Flood: Charting Your Way Through Today's Streaming Ecosystem'. 

For more information, view our webinar, 'Streaming Trends and Insights'.

Maximizing Local TV Ad Spend

Need tips for maximizing your local investment?

This 5-part series done in partnership with TV Squared brings you exciting opportunities within local advertising.  Learn why local TV ad spend is increasing, how brands like DTC and auto utilize local TV as a performance channel and how you can leverage emerging trends to better support your brand. 


Looking to learn more about attribution? Do you need case studies proving the ability of advertising to drive impact?

Read through our category specific attribution analyses for Direct to Consumer brands , Telco, Credit Cards, Automotive and Mattress categories. 

To see the impact of advertising on changing perception, driving sales and influencing consumer behavior, see our guide, 'Brands in Crisis'. 

Want to Learn More? 

 We just concluded our VAB INSPIRE Summer Series, where we continued to answer your questions on important topics and  trends impacting the current marketing landscape. View the 30-minute webinars here.

In case you missed our VAB INSPIRE: Spring Series, all videos are posted on our recap page here.

Curious about what agency and network leaders are saying about the current marketplace and opportunities for advertisers?

These short interviews from VAB + TV Reset feature agency and video industry leaders who discuss a range of important topics including the latest in measurement, the growth of streaming and the acceleration of new ad opportunities.


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