VAB works with marketers and brand professionals on all levels, as we understand that having access to unrivaled actionable data is the cornerstone of building successful media campaigns that ultimately drive overall business growth.

We assure you that our output and initiatives are marketer-first at all turns. VAB is kindly supported by our members and together, provide this complimentary resource to marketers.

To be a qualified marketer, you must:
  • Be an individual currently employed at an agency who works with clients in developing marketing strategy, executing media buys, or conducting research.

  • Be an individual currently employed in a brand marketing role, either directly (e.g. brand management, media strategy, PR, merchandising, promotions) or supporting (e.g. finance, procurement, budget management).

  • Provide a valid company/business email address.

Marketers employed at companies that generate the majority of their revenue from advertising (e.g. publishers, content providers and distributers, etc.) or support the video industry (e.g. technology companies, data and analytics companies, etc.) do not qualify. Please see the membership page for more details.