Professional Members

Our professional members are positioned alongside VAB premier members in supporting the advertising industry and continuously moving the needle forward together.

There are two levels of professional membership:
Professional and Professional Plus.
  • Professional Members:

    Some of our professional membership benefits include:

    • Unrestricted access to VAB Insights content online

      Access to our constantly expanding collection of 2,500+ pages of VAB Insights content.

    • Advance Preview of VAB Insights content

      Exclusive two-week window to activate VAB Insights work prior to its public release.

    • Bonus VAB Insights content

      Additional analysis and insights exclusively available to VAB members.

    • Networking

      Closely network alongside VAB members and major industry players.

    • VAB TV/VIDEO Ad campaign

      Be a part of VAB’s “Founders” campaign showcasing modern day business success stories.

  • Professional PLUS Members:

    Professional plus membership benefits include all of our professional membership benefits PLUS:

    • PR Collaboration:

      VAB recommendations for industry panels, inclusion in press and media mentions, quotes, etc.

    • VAB Webinars

      Opportunity to have your company be a featured speaker on a VAB webinar, promoted to thousands of marketers, agency executives and VAB members.

    • Ask the Strategist

      Two opportunities to talk one on one with our lead strategists and industry expert.

    • Ask the Analyst

      Three opportunities to discuss key data facts and figures with our top video analysts.

    • The Learning Table

      In-person workshop with the VAB Insights team.

    • Social Media posts:

      VAB will share relevant work and notable announcements via VAB social platforms and on our website.

    • Email Distribution:

      Access and distribution to our database of over 3,000 ad executives and buy side decision-makers.

What is a Professional Member?

Media companies that are emerging and new content providers or distributors in the video ecosystem.

Examples include: Emerging streaming/OTT platforms, individual local broadcast station or affiliate, video production or creative services-related company, advertising sales rep firm, other ad-supported content providers or distributors.

Professional members can evolve to premier member status depending on the achievement of "peer" to premier level in advertising revenue and distribution.

To learn more about professional membership, contact [email protected]