Offers Unparalleled Scale and Reach

The scale and reach potential of multiscreen television is unrivaled, enabling your message to reach more new and repeat customers. With the explosion of new video platforms, advertisers can expand their reach beyond linear TV to include mobile and digital platform such as Video-on-Demand (VOD), over-the-top (OTT), and TV Everywhere (TVE).

  • 86% of adults and 74% of millennials (18-34) are reached by linear TV (Live + DVR) each week.
  • In any given minute, there are 7x more adults watching multiscreen TV than are on YouTube, and 13x more than those using Facebook.
  • Adults watch over 30 hours of TV each week.
  • 42% of adults are reached on internet connected devices each week.

Check out the following for more on multiscreen TV’s ability to drive unparalleled scale and reach:

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