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Media and Marketing Training Resources

Bring you and your team up to speed on the latest in video, media and marketing strategies

Looking to brush up on the latest media trends, insights and opportunities?

This training guide offers a host of resources - reports, webinars, videos and podcasts to help you and your team stay up to date and be prepare for what’s ahead.

5 Marketing Trends for 2022

Important Trends to Help Prepare Marketers for Decision-Making in the Year Ahead

To help marketers prepare for the year ahead, we’ve identified 5 of the most important industry trends. Each one is illuminated by our research and insights to help better inform decision-making in the year ahead. By staying up-to-date on alternate measurement, media buying and video consumption trends, marketers can gain a critical understanding of the important trends to keep in mind throughout 2022.

In this piece, we'll set the stage and provide context around 5 industry changes that we foresee coming this year.

Learn more about the important trends to help prepare marketers for decision-making in the year ahead.

Audience-Based Buying

Want to know why outcomes-obsessed marketers are investing more into audience-based buying?

Embracing change and innovation can be difficult. We’re here to help. The evolution from a demographic-based TV buying approach to an audience-based one can unlock billions in revenue for brands. Whether audience-buying is a core part of your strategy, you’re “testing and learning,” or if you haven’t yet bought this way, below you’ll find the data, insights, key takeaways and real-world examples to help you execute your buys confidently and successfully. 

Visit our Audience-Based Buying Insights Center to learn more.

Multicultural Marketing

Are you looking to learn more about multicultural marketing?

Visit our Multicultural Marketing Resource Center for information about opportunities in engaging audiences across various ethnicities. The center helps marketers develop inclusive marketing strategies. The guides, reports, videos and infographics offer education on the unique media consumption behaviors of Black, Hispanic and Asian consumers and provide marketers with tangible, actionable insights.

Discover how to connect with the fastest growing multicultural segment in the U.S.  

In this short piece we’ll explain the importance and influence of Asian-Americans, why they are such a lucrative group for marketers and how brands can authentically connect with them.

VAB Diversity Leadership Summit

Do you want to learn more about how to approach unconscious bias, inclusive leadership, cultural relevancy in advertising, inclusive marketing, equity and belonging in the workplace, industry and beyond?

The VAB Diversity Leadership Summit brought learnings from 30 industry leaders that help think differently about how we create a more inclusive mindset at the workplace, in the industry and beyond. Get the answers to questions like: What do marketers need to start doing today? What do we need to unlearn? How do you become an inclusive leader? Download the takeaways or watch the sessions here.

Video Streaming

Get a better understanding of how a streaming component will help deliver on business KPIs. 

To help inspire your success, we have collected 23 case studies across 15 different product categories such as automotive, CPG, retail, home appliance, pharmaceutical and financial. The case studies answer the most frequently asked questions about the ability of streaming campaigns to deliver business outcomes. You’ll also learn the eight best practices marketers are using in their streaming campaigns to drive this success.

Metrics and Measurement

Looking for alternative ways to measure the effectiveness of your video campaigns? 

We partnered with iSpot.tv to inspire you with new ways of measuring and quantifying impact.

Media Consumption in Today's World 

Are you looking to brush up on device usage? Do you want to have a better understanding of consumption in today's connected world?

Check out VAB Setting the Screens Week and learn more about 'The Growth of CTV Advertising', 'How Audio Podcasts Complement Video Viewing', and 'How to Stay Ahead in a Cookieless World'.

Direct-to-Consumer Strategies

Interested in learning how the fastest growing brands are achieving their success? What strategies are working for these hot DTC brands and how you can learn from their playbook for growth?

The Secret of My Success examines the winning marketing strategy that’s fueling 30 high-growth DTC brands across 20 categories.

Simplifying Terminology

Want to learn more about data and privacy?

Untangling Terminology Within Data, Identity & Privacy is a useful 8-page glossary simplifies the common data, identity & privacy terminology to help marketers and industry professionals stay up to date on common terms and concepts used across the industry.

Want to learn more about the U.S. Census?

In this quick 3-page read, What is the U.S. Census?, you’ll learn more about what the census is, how it affects our lives, initial impacts from last year’s census, and why its findings are so important to marketers.

Attribution and Outcomes

Need tips for driving business success?

During VAB Attribution & Outcomes week we shared findings from our latest release and inspiration from our partners to keep you informed. 5 days of insightful conversations with new Insights, bringing you brand examples, real-world insights and fresh perspectives from industry leaders. Watch the sessions here.

For VAB Members Only: 

The Five Things You Need to Know Series

In these 20-minute sessions we’ll prepare you with the essential data, trends and insights you need to know as you navigate the marketplace. Our unique “marketer’s lens” means you’ll get an insider’s perspective on what advertisers are looking for when developing multiscreen strategies and buys.

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