Watch Now! VAB Webinar: How TV Advertising Grows Brands
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How TV Advertising Grows Brands

Real-world analyses and case studies proving the full-funnel impact of TV

June 28, 2023

Watch our new VAB INSPIRE webinar, featuring Tatari, where we showcase the many ways that multiscreen TV advertising can help marketers deliver brand KPIs and grow businesses across the funnel.

Through custom analyses and real-world examples, together, VAB and Tatari show how TV campaigns deliver on many common brand KPIs across the purchase funnel. Many brands, regardless of size, business model or target audience, would recognize their own objectives in this analysis and see how TV was used to meet them. These include a look at how TV can turn brands into household names, drive website traffic, successfully launch new products, cast a positive halo effect on to other digital platforms and grow a brand’s share of market. This discussion will equip you with the data and insights needed to include TV in your marketing plan and how it can be used to effectively deliver upon your marketing KPIs.

Session Speakers

Jason Wiese

SVP, Director of Strategic Insights

Amit Sharan

SVP, Marketing

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