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A Look at the Behaviors and Media Consumption of Affluent Americans

Affluent Americans, those with an annual household income of more than $100K, enjoy a disposable income that differentiates them from the average adult.

This income enables an upgraded lifestyle and the opportunity to own many devices and customize how they view video content.

However, a closer look at their media behavior reveals their undeniable commitment to ad-supported TV content and patterns of consumption that are similar to the average adult.

Good Fortune provides a review of the affluent demographic and attitudinal traits, as well as an analysis of their video-viewing behavior—viewing across devices and platforms, time-shifting, viewership of TV content online. It also takes a look at their perceptions of TV advertising relative to other forms of media and the ability of TV advertising to motivate them to action.

While affluents are more likely to own OTT devices than the average person, they are doing it in small numbers. Their income allows them to own lots of stuff, but it is all supplementary viewing to their Cable+ subscription.
“How do you watch TV programs compared to 12 months ago?” Response: “More or the Same Amount”

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