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The increasing complexity of TV audience measurement across screens, devices and platforms, has called into question long-accepted methodologies and practices.

In addition, as exposed by the VAB Measurement Innovation Task Force, there are serious concerns with the transparency and accuracy of Nielsen’s reporting. A series of Nielsen-admitted errors have cost the TV industry billions in revenue and resulted in the MRC revoking Nielsen’s accreditation. The “trifecta” of increased measurement complexity, serious questions about the existing legacy solution, and the availability of new, advanced measurement options has resulted in widespread demand for more choice among both buyers and sellers when it comes to measurement partners.

Our industry is moving towards a multi-currency future, where buyers and sellers can measure and trade on the measurement solution that best fits their needs.

A survey conducted by the VAB Task Force found widespread adoption of new measurement solutions in the ‘22/’23 upfront. To learn more about what’s next for TV measurement, the latest in data & privacy, data collection methods, implications for local measurement and more, watch VAB’s State of TV Measurement series.

Modern measurement enables stronger brand growth by empowering marketers with the metrics they need to fully understand the impact of their campaign on their brand and business KPIs.

This also empowers media sellers to better compete with digital platforms who are offering these metrics to advertisers. Increased competition results in a more dynamic, future-forward marketplace. Looking for real examples of how brands are successfully using new measurement solutions to achieve their KPIs? Check out our Measurement Innovations Series for case studies across a variety of product categories.

Formalized in 2021, the VAB Measurement Innovation Task Force was born out of our industry’s demand for greater modernity, accuracy and transparency in TV measurement.

Through advocacy, educational resources, partnerships and collaborations, the VAB and the VAB Measurement Innovation Task Force are leading the industry as it makes faster and deeper in-roads into a multi-measurement marketplace.

Webinar: Measure Up with VideoAmp

In this on-demand webinar, experts from VideoAmp and VAB unpack the modern approach to measuring audiences across platforms.

Advanced Measurement Solutions Directory

Check out a streamlined look at 14 top measurement solutions in the market today. Explore their unique capabilities, plus case studies proving how they support a wide range of marketing goals.

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Ad Age: VAB finds agency-marketer disconnects on key media topics

VAB President and CEO Sean Cunningham joins the latest episode of Ad Age's Marketer's Brief Podcast to talk about findings unveiled from a first-of-its-kind study that VAB conducted with Advertiser Perceptions.

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Industry-changing Partnerships

The VAB Measurement Innovation Task Force

Led by VAB and comprised of the industry’s senior-most research, analytics and insights executives, this coalition is working towards the advancement and transformation of multiscreen TV measurement and currency.

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OpenAP XPm Partnership

For many years, our industry has been waiting for cross- publisher metrics like deduplicated reach in order to get a true understanding of campaign exposure. Open AP’s XPm ushers the industry from the siloed measurement of linear and streaming viewership to ID-based targeting and mea- surement.

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Measurement News

Ad Age: Comscore and VideoAmp get JIC certification

This milestone comes after a year of collaboration among media buyers and sellers, marking a new era where marketers lead the way in measurement.


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