OpenAP Launches XPm, TV’s Cross-Platform Measurement Framework Powered by OpenID
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OpenAP Launches XPm, TV’s Cross-Platform Measurement Framework Powered by OpenID

XPm provides new cross-platform reporting to usher the TV industry toward ID-based targeting and measurement across platforms

For many years, the industry has been waiting for cross-publisher metrics like deduplicated reach. The launch of XPm ushers the industry from the siloed measurement of linear and streaming viewership to ID-based targeting and measurement. The XPm TV cross-platform framework is built on a central TV identity spine, OpenID. The framework enables the resolution of data to OpenIDs so that unified ID-based audiences can be used for both targeting and measurement, and it facilitates cross-platform reporting on campaigns that span multiple publishers across both linear and premium digital video viewing environments. As a result, advertisers whose campaign was run using OpenIDs will benefit from post-campaign XPm reporting insights that include baseline metrics such as deduplicated unique cross-platform reach, total cross-platform impressions and average frequency per OpenID reached.

The VAB, as part of its new Measurement Innovation Task Force, will operate as the governing body of XPm in order to create common standards and establish controls on how data is used on behalf of TV publishers. Measurement company requirements will be defined by the Task Force, with all solutions subject to validation and verification by the VAB to ensure transparency of methodology and technical integration with OpenID. The process is currently in the development phase and will be rolled out in 2022.

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