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Clear answers to questions our industry is asking about transparency and brand safety?

Digital ad fraud refers to an individual, group or organization maliciously and intentionally falsifying engagement with a digital advertisement.

The common types of digital ad fraud range from fake clicks, overcounted users, to sub-standard video placements, manipulating impression metrics and wasting ad spend.

In the past year, it’s become impossible to ignore the issue of advertising transparency.

Headlines are littered with explosive investigative research reports, inflated metrics scandals, children’s data being compromised, ads running in wildly inappropriate content and more.

Digital ad fraud is estimated to cost marketers $84 billion in 2024.

Besides diminishing ROAS for marketers, advertising in opaque environments poses dangerous hidden costs to the reputational, legal, and financial well-being of brands.

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Demand full transparency from all media partners.

Know precisely where your video ad campaign is running and exactly who is watching it.

Stop considering any ad video "premium" that lacks a fully transparent ad process.

Insist on campaign transparency from all your video ad partners.

Trust multiscreen TV to always be transparent, accurate and accountable.

On behalf of our membership and the marketing community, VAB is wholly committed to holding the ad tech digital walled gardens to the same set of standards of transparency and accountability as other media platforms.

Hear more from VAB President & CEO, Sean Cunningham in his open letter and challenge to marketers to take back control of their brands.

What marketers are saying (and doing) about digital ad fraud and why their FOFO is costing them $84B.

When it comes to digital ad fraud, many marketers have a case of FOFO (fear of finding out). If that sounds like you, we understand why. See the 5 inconvenient truths we learned from marketers.

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From AWNY 2023: Exposing the Double Standard in Video Advertising

Over the last 10 years there has been a seismic shift of power from marketers to the walled gardens. Understand how we got here, the perilous implications for advertisers and the premium video ecosystem, as well as how to reclaim your ad investment and steward brands to growth.

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An Interview with Adalytics: An insider's look at the latest Google ad fraud allegations

A second analysis from Adalytics alleges significant ad fraud and breach in transpar- ency from Google/YouTube. In the wake of these latest revelations, many marketers want to know more about Adalytics, what its ...

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How To Really Be A Force for Good: The Global Consequences of Ad Fraud, Transparency & Accountability

Where are dollars from digital ad fraud being funneled to? Hint: It’s not your local Boys and Girls Club. The latest op-ed by Jason Wiese, SVP, Director of Strategic Insights at VAB, takes a hard look at the industry's #1 issue.


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