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CTV and Retail Media: How They Are Working Together to Drive Results for Brands

The Screening Room

With CTV ad spend projected to reach $25 billion this year, it is the fastest-growing video platform. Retail Media Networks increasingly intertwine with CTV, presenting a tremendous and growing opportunity for advertisers. In this discussion, you’ll see how marketers are using CTV to create a unified campaign that offers increased scale, engagement, precision and a premium environment on the biggest screen in the home.

Ami Lathia
Director of Off-Platform Ad Products
Roundel (Target's media business)
Dan Mouradian
VP of Global Client Solutions
Amie Owen
US Head of Commerce
UM Worldwide
Ellen Mulryan
Senior Director, Retail Media Partnerships
The Trade Desk
Danielle DeLauro
Executive Vice President
Moving TV forward track

AI for Marketers: How AI is bringing more effectiveness and efficiency to TV

The Screening Room

The explosive growth of AI is impacting all corners of the TV ecosystem. Learn how AI is helping marketers, sellers and the wider industry to work more creatively, efficiently and effectively. Be inspired with real examples and guidance on how to incorporate AI platforms and tools into how you plan, buy and measure media right now.

Tony Marlow
Chief Marketing Officer
LG Ad Solution
Michael Guth
SVP, Chief Marketing Officer
Spectrum Reach
Isabel Perry
VP, Emerging Technology
Amol Waishampayan
Chief Product Officer
Sean Cunningham
President & CEO
Modern Marketing & Measurement

Measuring What Matters: Unlocking Incrementality for Business Outcomes

The Insights Arena

As advertising and media move from analog to addressable, the measurement of direct business results becomes increasingly more important. Hear from measurement experts across the ecosystem on the latest innovations in outcome-based measurement, including Tune-in, Digital Conversion, Retail Visitation, Theatrical/Box Office, and more. Learn best practices for understanding the true incremental business impact of your ad spend, and how to optimize future campaigns with more precise targeting.

Kris Magel
VP Head of Agency & Publisher Solutions
Samba TV
Amy Dalsan
Senior Research Manager
Jorge Ruiz
Global Head of Marketing Science
Stephanie Geno
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Strategy
Affinity Solutions
Danielle DeLauro
Executive Vice President
Moving TV Forward Track

Achieving Advertising Success in the Vibrant (and Fragmented) CTV Landscape

The Screening Room

In recent years, the rise of ad-supported streaming has provided media buyers and sellers with new opportunities to reach, influence, and win CTV audiences. While much of the focus to date has been on the media behemoths, CTV and streaming boast a vibrant advertising ecosystem that offers limitless content options to viewers and more open, programmatic access to advertisers.

Katie Long
VP, Head of Demand
Chrystal Sisco
VP of Operations
Jackie Perez
Director, Programmatic Sales, National
Spectrum Reach
Lara Koenig
Global Head of Product
Marianne Vita
Senior Vice President, Director of Integrated Strategy & Marketing
Data & Decisions Track

Exposing the Double Standard in Video Advertising

The Tech Lab

Over the last 10 years there has been a seismic shift of power from marketers to the walled gardens. As a result, a glaring double standard on ad campaign management and transparency has emerged between these walled gardens and multiscreen TV platforms. You’ll understand how we got here, the perilous implications for advertisers and the premium video ecosystem, as well as how to reclaim your ad investment and steward brands to growth.

Sean Cunningham
President & CEO

Brand Safety vs. Ad Fraud: The Difference and Why It Matters to Brands

The Screening Room

Renewed in recent months, there is rightly industry anger at the lack of transparency of the walled gardens when it comes to campaign management. Why is this important? Aside from the obvious ad fraud implications, fraudulent placements can put your brand in legal or reputational peril. In this discussion, we’ll discuss what brand safety means, the distinction between brand safety and ad fraud, and what they mean to advertisers looking to protect their brands and reach audiences with the most engaging, relevant content.

John Vilade
Head of Sales
Mark McKee
General Manager
Arielle Garcia
Consultant, Advisor & Fractional Chief Privacy Officer
ASG Solutions
Danielle DeLauro
Executive Vice President

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