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Reimagine a marketplace where all video ad platforms are held to the same high standard set by multiscreen TV.

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You Oughta Know: Why All Impressions Aren’t Created Equal & What It Means for Video Measurement

VAB Investigation

In the wake of the Adalytics report highlighting YouTube’s serving of targeted ads to children, the VAB conducted several independent test campaigns to investigate these serious accusations.

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What Is The Digital Video Supply Chain

Learn how to successfully navigate the complexity of the digital video supply chain

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Untangling Terminology within Generative AI & Machine Learning

Understanding what Generative AI and Machine Learning are and why they are of growing importance to marketers.

Today’s Innovations in Measurement Series

How can I drive in-store traffic with streaming?

With nearly all American adults streaming in the last year, streaming video offers marketers a growing opportunity to create business-driving video ad campaigns.

Under Pressure

Reaching the Right Audiences

Why brands and agencies are increasing their adoption of audience-based TV buying – results from a survey of over 200 marketers.

You Oughta Know: Why All Impressions Aren’t Created Equal & What It Means for Video Measurement

What is Digital Ad Fraud?

Learn the key terms and concepts and equip yourself with the tips and strategies to mitigate ad fraud for your brand.

The FAST and the Curious

An Interview with Adalytics: An Insider's Look At The Latest Google Ad Fraud Allegations

In the wake of the latest revelations from Adalytics on Google's breach in transparency, VAB’s EVP, Danielle DeLauro sat down with Krzysztof Franaszek, PhD of Adalytics to answer marketers' questions and more.

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State of TV Measurement Series

25 Ways TV Grows Brands

Distilling 10 years of analysis across 23 reports, 1,000+ brands and 80 categories down to the 25 ways TV delivers KPIs along the purchase funnel.

It’s the Most Opportune Time of the Year

The Truth About CTV Ad Fraud

Clarifying marketplace confusion around ad fraud in multiscreen TV and defining what does and does not constitute fraud

It’s the Most Opportune Time of the Year

15 Reasons to Include Cinema Within a Video Ad Campaign

How Cinema advertising delivers on 15 important campaign KPIs like scale, quality, attention, receptivity and more.


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