What is Digital Ad Fraud?
Insights: What Is? & Glossary

What is Digital Ad Fraud?

Learn key terms and concepts and equip yourself with tips and strategies to mitigate ad fraud for your brand

Learn more about the common types of ad fraud impacting today’s marketers

Recent reports have again pulled the issue of digital ad fraud into sharp focus. This year, $84.2 billion of digital ad investment worldwide is estimated to be lost to digital ad fraud. Additionally, it’s reported that over 40% of all online traffic is invalid.

Why does this matter to advertisers? Aside from the wasted ad spend, the lack of transparency into their campaign details (where it ran, who was exposed to it) can create serious reputational, financial and legal risks for advertisers.

Within What is Digital Ad Fraud? you’ll find insights to help you mitigate ad fraud and take back more control of your digital ad campaigns:

  • Tips for recognizing ad fraud in your campaigns
  • Over 40 common terms and definitions to help you ask questions to your video partners
  • 3 key strategies to an effective ad mitigation strategy

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