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The VAB Top 10

Our 10 must-read insights charts of the quarter

VAB’s 10 most requested and talked about slides to help you make smarter decisions and set you up for success.

Top Online Content Destinations

Top Online Content Destinations
The VAB Top 10

A top-line view of how the industry is adopting audience-based buying

An insider’s look at an audience-first TV approach

What Is?

What Is Audience-Based Buying?

This 4-page read tells you what you need to know as you talk to clients or consider evolving your own buying approach to be audience-first. You’ll learn what audience-based buying is, why it’s important, what the industry is saying and what the future outlook is.

Top Online Content Destinations

Top Online Content Destinations

Untangling Terminology Within Streaming

To learn about various devices, tech terms, content forms and more, we define the latest terminology that can help marketers understand this ever-evolving industry. In this quick Untangling, we simplify the frequently used terms to provide a comprehensive glossary that will help inform your marketing strategies.

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"It takes thoughtfulness to understand that you have to build trust with your audience. You have to learn and grow alongside them. And if you do, they will take you for that ride with them. And that I think is one of the most beautiful things."

Chelsea Sanders, VP, Brand at Refinery 29's Unbothered

VAB IMPACT: Diversity Leadership Summit, “Leading the Conversation Through Fresh Perspectives and Actionable Guidance”

Webinar Series

The Five Things You Need to Know: Member-Exclusive Sessions

A members-only series equipping you with the latest data, trends and insights to successfully navigate the marketplace and sell multiscreen TV.

Top Online Content Destinations

Top Online Content Destinations
Getting Started

Looking For Tools And Inspiration To Start Your Video Campaign?

Advertising on multiscreen video is proven to take your business or brand to the next level of success.

Training Guide

Media and Marketing: Training Resources

Looking to brush up on the latest media trends, insights and opportunities? This training guide offers a host of resources - reports, webinars, videos and podcasts to help you and your team stay up to date and be prepare for what’s ahead.

Top Online Content Destinations

Top Online Content Destinations

Super Cinema Goers: Active Consumers, Super Spenders

The Power of Super Cinema Goers - The First to Head Back To The Movies. Our custom analysis showcased in this infographic demonstrates the consumer value of these movie-goers.

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