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What Is? & Glossary

What is the Digital Video Supply Chain?

Learn how to successfully navigate this complex supply chain with 5 key strategies and the definitions of over 50 important terms and concepts

Top Online Content Destinations

Top Online Content Destinations
What is? & Glossary

What is Digital Ad Fraud

$84.2 billion in ad investment worldwide will be lost to fraud this year. We’re here to help protect your brand from legal, reputational and financial risk by giving you the tips and strategies you can use to mitigate ad fraud. You’ll also find over 40 definitions of important terms to educate yourself and facilitate conversations.

The VAB Top 10

Our 10 must-read insights charts of the 3rd quarter

VAB’s 10 most popular charts to keep you up to date on ad fraud, shoppable TV, audience-based buying, older adults and more!

Top Online Content Destinations

Top Online Content Destinations
Making Sense of Measurement

What's the Deal with...?

A 5-part series on what you need to know about innovations and advancement in modern TV measurement.

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"The critical things moving forward are the acceleration of competition, more clarity, and the move away from one dimensional metrics."

Sean Cunningham, President & CEO, VAB

CIMM's 11th Annual Converged TV Measurement and Data Summit


DEIB Marketing Resources

This Resource Center is designed to help marketers develop inclusive marketing strategies. Its guides, reports, videos and infographics offer education on the unique media consumption behaviors of Black, Hispanic and Asian consumers and provide marketers with tangible, actionable insights.

Top Online Content Destinations

Top Online Content Destinations
Insights Center

VAB Audience-Based Buying Insights Center

The evolution from a demographic-based TV buying approach to an audience-based one can unlock billions in revenue for brands. So whether audience-buying is a core part of your strategy, you’re “testing and learning,” or if you haven’t yet bought this way, visit our Audience-Based Buying Insights Center to find the data, insights, key takeaways and real-world examples to help you execute your buys confidently and successfully.

What Is? & Glossary

What is TV?

The modern consumer's definition of TV

Top Online Content Destinations

Top Online Content Destinations
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