What Is The Digital Video Supply Chain?
Insights: What Is? & Glossary

What Is The Digital Video Supply Chain?

Learn how to successfully navigate the complexity of the digital video supply chain

The vast digital ad ecosystem relies on a complex supply chain of over 200 companies that allows digital advertising content to be published across online platforms.

Why does this complexity matter to advertisers? When done correctly, the supply chain can add value to a marketer’s campaign, but the current opaqueness of this system greatly increases the chances of fraud. It can also result in only 51% of spend reaching your consumers and 15% unaccounted for.

What is the Digital Video Supply Chain? will help you understand the supply chain and the impact it has on your ad dollars. You’ll be equipped with:

  • The steps to take to refine the supply chain process for your own campaigns
  • Over 50 definitions of common terms and phrases to help you better understand the supply chain
  • 5 ways to best navigate the digital video supply chain

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