We believe in an accurate, transparent and fair TV measurement marketplace.

On behalf of the industry that trusts us, we are forging a path to a better measurement future.

Born of the Industry’s Need

The Task Force was born out of our industry’s demand for greater modernity, accuracy and transparency in TV measurement.

Measurement Expertise

Comprised of the industry’s senior-most research, analytics and insights executives, this coalition, led by VAB, has been working to solve complex issues in measurement since early 2021 and was formalized into the VAB Measurement Innovation Task Force in October 2021.

Shared Commitment to Accuracy

Rooted in facts, data and the full transparency of our efforts, the Task Force is working towards the advancement and transformation of multiscreen TV measurement and currency. We are tackling today’s most important issues with urgency, and also proactively working towards a higher standard of measurement for tomorrow.

How We Help You

Accurate TV measurement is essential to all corners of our industry. Marketers rely upon it to build business-growing marketing plans and ad sellers need to ensure that every impression is counted and fairly valued. We actively support our partners in the industry who are developing more modern, transparent and accurate measurement solutions.

“I believe we are on the verge of a tipping point in terms of measurement of video and the currencies we transact on moving forward.”

David Campanelli, EVP Chief Investment Officer, Horizon Media

Our Latest Work

Our Impact

Uncovered billions of lost ad impressions

54 billion ad impressions discovered through 350+ re-processed runs, 1,150 excel files across 15 factors and 6 demos

Revealed billions of uncounted multicultural impressions

12 billion Black impressions and 10.5 billion Hispanic impressions were not counted, further exacerbating challenges with properly counting these segments

Determined millions of ad inventory could not be sold

A staggering $690 million of ads could not be bought or sold as a result of the undercounting

How To React To YouTube’s Fraud Scandal? Treat It As If It Were TV

"Channel your outrage over YouTube’s ad fraud into holding the platform to the same trust standard that’s been long established in television. In this instance, YouTube deserves it." Read this op-ed by Sean Cunningham, President & CEO at VAB.

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