Today’s Innovations in Measurement - Q4 2022
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Today’s Innovations in Measurement - Q4 2022

Real-world case studies from industry innovators

8 real world case studies across 7 product categories 

We understand that keeping up with the latest measurement innovations can be difficult. To help navigate, the VAB, in collaboration with our Measurement Innovation Task Force, has produced Today’s Innovations in Measurement which brings you real-world case studies and takeaways. As you may have in seen in our Q1, Q2 and Q3 pieces, the focus of this series is on case studies - giving you real-world examples of how brands are successfully utilizing new ways of measuring their video campaigns to more effectively optimize and gauge success.

In this fourth release, these case studies from eight innovative companies focus on 7 performance objectives for marketers. We also share 8 considerations you can use as you evaluate and add new solutions to your measurement plans.

You’ll see how automotive, retail, tune-in, QSR, B2B, insurance and health & fitness brands were able to use measurement to gain learnings on many common metrics and objectives.

ON DEMAND – Q4 Measurement Innovations Webinar 

Watch the companion webinar! How can a brand efficiently scale its growth beyond linear TV and traditional direct response digital channels? In this session you will learn how Stirista was able to leverage their client’s website identity tools and use their audience profiles to help retain existing customers and acquire new ones via their data-driven solutions. The proof is in the results, which show the power of CTV to deliver key audiences, drive website visits, and online sales for this health and fitness brand. All while maintaining efficiency, resulting in a significant increase in ROAS.

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