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5 Days of Education, Insights and Inspiration on Modern Measurement 

We understand that keeping up with the latest measurement innovations can be difficult. To continue keeping you informed and inspired to embrace modern measurement, we are announcing the second piece of our quarterly Measurement Innovations Series!  In this series, we again are giving you case studies, real-world examples of how brands like yours are successfully adding new ways of measuring their video campaigns to more effectively gauge success. 

If you haven't already, catch-up on Q1 of the series HERE.

Throughout this week, you'll hear directly from those behind the case studies in 4 daily 30-minute webinars. These industry leaders will present an overview of their platform, take viewers through their case studies, and present best practices as a "behind the scenes look" at how other marketers are igniting brand growth through measurement. 

We will continue to inspire you with the latest thinking, data and facts to help you stay ahead of what's next. REGISTER NOW! 

VAB Insights Release: NEW Measurement Case Studies 

Today's Innovations in Audience Measurement Q2

In this release, we’ll be unveiling a NEW collection of case studies that highlight the different viewing options, various techniques and useful methodologies that data providers are using to examine audiences delivered for brand campaigns across several verticals. Each study will clearly outline each brand's challenges such as accurately capturing their total audience across all platforms, understanding audience overlap across platforms, and maximizing incremental reach.  In case you don’t have (free) access, you can create an account and get on our email list to be amongst the first to receive this piece when it’s released Monday morning.

WEBINAR: Power of the Platform: Using ACR Data To Target and Quantify Audiences and Campaigns 

One of the greatest benefits of Automatic Content Recognition technology is its ability to measure the results of ad campaigns across multiple formats… linear TV and and streaming alike. In this webinar, VIZIO Ads will share two case studies showing how brands have utilized our Inscape ACR data to measure both campaign performance metrics and true brand outcomes. Join Director of Media Insights and Analytics Devin Fallon and Sr. Director of Data Strategy Ken Norcross as they discuss the key importance of Inscape data throughout the planning, execution, and measurement phases of a campaign. Examples include: 

  • A major insurance advertiser used VIZIO and Inscape data to determine the incremental audience reached via VIZIO Ads over Linear, and the effectiveness of digital vs. linear ads in driving new users to its site. 
  • A major cable network used Inscape data to qualify the target audience for a new season flagship series, with a full court press of media running across our endemic Home screen environment, on-platform CTV video, and off-platform Household Connect extensions.

To download the presentation from the webinar, please click HERE


Director, Media & Insights Analytics, VIZIO Ads


Senior Director, Inscape Data Strategy, Inscape


SVP, Director of Integrated Strategy & Marketing, VAB

WEBINAR: No More Saying the S-Word (Silos)

Today’s marketers have a plethora of options when it comes to publishers and platforms to advertise their messages on and seek measurement solutions that allow them to understand their campaign impact across all of those platforms. 

During this webinar, we’ll explore how one marketer leveraged DISQO’s brand and outcomes lift solution to prove their campaign’s impact across a variety of attitudinal and behavioral metrics, including ad awareness, message association, brand favorability, positive brand perceptions, likelihood of purchase, site visits, search activity, and actual purchase behaviors to see the impact of their ads on the full-funnel. We will explore:

  • Who DISQO is
  • What DISQO's products are
  • How DISQO is uniquely solving the challenges that exist with outcomes and brand lift measurement
  • A case study of one client that demonstrated campaign lift
  • What marketers should takeaway from their own lift measurement efforts

To download the presentation from the webinar, please click HERE


EVP, Sales Advertising Effectiveness, DISQO


Associate Insights Director, VAB 

WEBINAR: Leveraging All Platforms to Win Over Latinx Audiences in Beauty

When a beauty brand partnered with Univision to achieve its goal of winning over key Hispanic/Latinx audiences, it looked beyond TV to find incremental reach. Watch to hear how Univision leveraged their strong social media audience of 25-54 year old Latinx females to deliver online video and short-form content that drove positive brand associations for the beauty brand. Then hear from Comscore on how Comscore Social Media BrandLift™ provided bespoke KPIs measurement proving Univision won the beauty brand with strong increases across all brand metrics, including familiarity, opinion, consideration, recommendation, and recall.

To download the presentation from the webinar, please click HERE


Director, Customer Success, Comscore


Director, Strategy & Insights, Univision


SVP, Director of Integrated Strategy & Marketing, VAB

WEBINAR: The Power of Connected TV Advertising

MarketCast, a research, analytics, and data science leader, teamed with a CTV seller and a challenger brand in the online financial services space to measure the power and impact of targeted CTV ads. In this session, you will learn how MarketCast applied its innovative Smart TV measurement and marketing attribution solutions to connect the dots between audiences exposed to the financial brand’s CTV ads and those who converted through its Web site. The results show the power of CTV to deliver a younger demographic in a highly competitive financial services category, with demonstrable lift among those younger audiences who saw the ads versus those who didn’t. 

To download the presentation from the webinar, please click HERE


Chief Data Scientist, MarketCast

Giles Cottle

VP, Data Science Services, MarketCast


VP, Measurement Solutions, VAB

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