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We understand that keeping up with the latest measurement innovations can be difficult. To continue keeping you informed and inspired to embrace modern measurement, we are announcing our third quarterly Measurement Innovations Series! If you haven't already, catch-up on Measurement Innovations Q1 and Measurement Innovations Q2 .

 In this Q3 series, we are giving you best practices for marketers when employing new measurement solutions. Hear directly from industry leaders from VideoAmp & BET on their case study and present a "behind the scenes look" at how marketers are igniting brand growth through measurement.

We will continue to inspire you with the latest thinking, data and facts to help you stay ahead of what's next. WATCH NOW! 

WEBINAR: 2022 BET Awards & Beyond: A More Representative Approach to Audience Measurement at Tentpole Events 

Tentpole events continue to be flagship viewing moments for leading networks and publishers, reaching target audiences at scale. In order to identify a more representative audience set, advertisers must reach beyond the restrictions of traditional age and gender demos to convey a more accurate (and actionable) depiction of the unique consumers who are tuning in. Learn more from BET’s Louis Carr, President of Media Sales, joined by VideoAmp’s Esther Maguire, SVP of Marketing, as they explore how BET is at the forefront of innovating the way tentpole events are measured, and how networks add value to their partners and audiences.

Click HERE to download the presentation presented in this webinar.

In this release, we offer category-specific guidance and best practices for marketers to follow when employing new measurement solutions. You’ll see how brands in Automotive, Healthcare, Consumer Packaged Goods, Insurance and Entertainment are using modern TV measurement tools to help meet their challenges and achieve their KPIs. We’ll show you how brands in these categories used new tools to better quantify success across a range of performance metrics such as brand perception, incremental reach, website traffic and sales.

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