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  1. Why was the VAB Measurement Innovation Task Force formed?

    The Task Force was born out of our industry’s need for greater modernity, accuracy and transparency in TV measurement. The group collaborated for several months and was formalized into the Task Force in October 2021.

  2. What is its goal?

    To work collaboratively with the industry to modernize TV measurement.

    Rooted in facts, data and in full transparency, the Task Force is working towards the advancement and transformation of multiscreen TV measurement. It is tackling today’s most important issues with urgency, and also proactively working towards a higher standard of measurement for tomorrow.

  3. How does the work of the Task Force help the marketplace?

    Accurate TV measurement is essential to all corners of our industry.

    Brands and agencies rely upon it to build business-growing marketing plans. Ad sellers need to ensure that every impression is counted and fairly valued. We actively support our partners in the industry who are developing more modern, transparent and accurate measurement solutions.

  4. Who is on the Task Force?

    Led by the VAB, the Task Force is comprised of the multi-screen TV industry’s senior-most research, analytics and insights executives.

  5. Where can I get findings and output from the Task Force?

    This page is continually updated with new analysis, findings and news made by the Task Force.

  6. Can I join the Task Force?

    All VAB board member companies receive a minimum of one permanent seat on the Task Force. A select number of seats are open to other VAB Premier member companies. These companies must apply for inclusion and be approved by the Task Force.