15 Reasons to Include Cinema Within a Video Ad Campaign
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15 Reasons to Include Cinema Within a Video Ad Campaign

How Cinema advertising delivers on 15 important campaign KPIs like scale, quality, attention, receptivity and more

With an expanding list of places to run your video ad campaign, you may be wondering, ‘Where does cinema fit in? How does cinema advertising help me to achieve my specific campaign objectives?’

In this release, you’ll see the full list of 15 reasons why marketers should consider including cinema within a video ad campaign.

Did you know that cinema delivers:

  • The highest quality, premium video content: It’s a draw for many. Just this past weekend in the U.S., Super Mario Bros reached the $500MM milestone at the box office and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 opened with a strong $118MM weekend

  • Shared experiences with culture-defining content: 97% of moviegoers age 18+ say ‘nothing beats the big screen, surround sound and shared experience with movie fans’

  • Scale: Established as a ‘must see’ social event over other popular activities -the opening weekend of Wakanda Forever at 12.7MM far surpassed going to a bar, concert or an NFL game

  • A highly attentive platform: Achieving more than six times the ad attention than social media platforms (88% of moviegoers also recall the pre-show ad!)

  • And more

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