Capturing the ‘Elusives’ at the Cinema
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Capturing the ‘Elusives’ at the Cinema

Using Cinema to find young, diverse, and cordless audiences

How brands can engage a hard-to-reach audience at scale.

One of the challenges we consistently hear from marketers is how to reach "elusive" consumers - young, lucrative, cordless and multicultural. As movie theatres are filling seats at pre-pandemic levels, and with a full slate of films planned this year, the Cinema offers marketers opportunities to engage these consumers at scale.

Did you know?

  • The 3-day opening weekend of The Batman in March had higher attendance of adults 18-34 than the 6 major sports leagues combined in the last 12 months
  • 88% of adults 18-34 see the movies as an event they make plans for in advance
  • ‘Elusives’ are a diverse audience, with multicultural segments accounting for almost 60% of the audience for recent major releases

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