Engaging the ‘Sophisticates’ at the Cinema
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Engaging the ‘Sophisticates’ at the Cinema

Using Cinema to engage influential adults aged 25-44

See how this audience is attractive for marketers across a wide range of categories.

Through the 1st half of 2022, we’ve seen big spending at the box office and great momentum around cinema in general. Top Gun: Maverick broke the record for biggest domestic Memorial Day opening weekend ever with $160.5 MM in sales. Jurassic World: Dominion garnered $143.4 MM in opening weekend domestic ticket sales, making it the 3rd biggest domestic three-day opening weekend in the pandemic-era.

With a 55% adult 35+ composition for Top Gun and a 54% adult 25+ composition for Jurassic World during their respective opening weekends, this year’s box office is proving that cinema isn’t just engaging young millennials but also ‘Sophisticates’ - those that are influential, social movie-going adults aged 25-44.

In fact, adults aged 25-44 that are frequent movie goers are:

  • 23% more likely to go to the movie theater monthly than adults 18+
  • 32% more likely to see a movie during its opening weekends than adults 18+
  • 19% more likely to be enrolled in a movie theater loyalty rewards program than adults 18+

In this release, you’ll see how this influential, cultured and social audience values premium experiences, like Cinemaso you can better understand how and when to target them at the theater.

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