25 Ways TV Grows Brands
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25 Ways TV Grows Brands

Distilling 10 years of analysis across 23 reports, 1,000+ brands and 80 categories down to the 25 ways TV delivers KPIs along the purchase funnel

TV consistently drives brand growth and value creation through each stage of the consumer journey.

VAB has long-studied the effects of TV investment on driving business outcomes.

We have distilled 10 years of analysis, across 2 dozen reports, over 1,000 brands and 80 categories to bring you the 25 Ways TV Grows Brands.

Through custom analyses and real-world examples, you’ll see how TV campaigns deliver many common brand KPIs across the purchase funnel. Among these ways, you’ll see how...

  • TV has turned brands into household names (#2)
  • TV drives website traffic and repeat visits (#16)
  • TV successfully launches new products (#19)
  • TV strengthens share of market (#21)

Equip yourself with data and examples to share with your clients or marketing teams on the effectiveness of TV campaigns in driving KPIs.

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