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You Oughta Know

Why All Impressions Aren’t Created Equal & What It Means for Video Measurement

In cross-platform video measurement, should all impressions be treated equally?

Consumers are exposed to an estimated 5,000 ad messages a day.

Within this flurry of messages, it’s simply unrealistic to think that all ad exposures deliver the same consumer impact.

Many factors influence the impact of a video ad impression.

One of the most exciting innovations in advertising is the promise of true cross-platform video measurement – the ability to get aggregated impressions delivery across all screens, platforms and devices. But an inherent question in “tallying up” total video campaign impressions is this: Should all impressions be treated equally or should some be valued more highly based on their ability to deliver outsized impact?

Modern ways of planning and buying video require modern ways of measuring it. This guide will step you through the factors that influence the effectiveness of an ad (like screen size, content, and ad length). It will also equip you with the 9 reasons why that impact should be considered when measuring and evaluating the success of a video campaign.

What’s unique about this analysis? 

We look at ad impact throughout the consumer journey. Learn the Metrics that Matter at each stage of the journey and which advertising factors best deliver them. This allows for stronger campaigns to be planned, bought and measured.

How this guide will help you:

  • Content platforms and ad sales can use these factors and reasons to demonstrate to clients why your platform holds an impact advantage.
  • Agencies and brand marketers will learn which factors increase the effectiveness of video ads. This insight will help to better plan and measure the impact of your campaign on your KPIs. You’ll understand the questions you should be asking of your measurement partners for more accurate and complete analysis.
  • Measurement companies can show clients how you account for impact in your solutions, resulting in better measurement.

You Oughta Know is now available as a digital flip book! To access, click the DOWNLOAD CONTENT button.

You Oughta Know

You Oughta Know

Why All Impressions Aren’t Created Equal & What It Means for Video Measurement

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