A Matter of Principle
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A Matter of Principle

Reassessing Your Strategy in Today’s Environment

In our uncertain economic and social climate, do the proven marketing principles still apply?

In our marketer’s guide, A Matter of Principle, we shared 10 marketing principles proven to drive business and brand growth. Since its release just a few months ago, the world has shifted. In addition to a global pandemic and economic uncertainty, the deep-rooted issue of systemic racism and demand for inclusivity have rightly come to the forefront of our industry.

Faced with so much uncertainty, we are all seeking answers.
In this environment, do the rules of the ‘marketing playbook’ still apply?  
How should I rethink my communication plans to navigate this uncertainty?

In this refreshed guide, A Matter of Principle: Reassessing Your Strategy in Today’s Environment, we have revisited these 10 principles in the context of the current climate to offer you specific guidance on how they can be applied to decision-making today. Each principle is supported by data, case studies and real-world examples.


What you’ll learn:

  1. Why established marketing principles have heightened relevance in today’s uncertain climate
    • Under financial pressure, many marketers are questioning if they should spend. Never has the principle linking share of spend to share of market been more relevant. Across brands, it has been proven that maintaining or increasing SOV during a downturn has a positive impact on ROI, both in the short and long term.
  2. How following these marketing principles can build your brand, inspire consumer action and drive business growth
    • Brand altruism has always been important, but in these trying times, consumers are looking to brands for leadership and supporting it with their wallets. Over half of consumers are more likely to purchase from a company that is lending resources or helping communities.
  3. Where the opportunities are to meaningfully engage multicultural audiences
    • In our current environment, people crave familiarity, and for multicultural viewers that plays a big role in the content they seek out. Sixty-eight percent of black viewers and 40% of Hispanic viewers say they are more likely to watch a TV program that is relevant to their cultural identity. 

For guidance on how to best market your brand in our current environment, download A Matter of Principle: Reassessing Your Strategy in Today’s Environment.

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