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VAB INSPIRE: Spring 2020


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You asked and we are delivering.

We are answering your questions about the trends impacting brand marketing and media strategies RIGHT NOW.

WHY the need? HOW will we help?

Because we must FORGE AHEAD TOGETHER. We understand the constant need for information and analysis. Through our VAB INSPIRE virtual learning series, we'll tackle the most frequently asked marketer questions in 30 minutes, and offer fresh perspectives and insights with supporting data to help you make fully informed decisions. 

Please join us for one session, all or somewhere in the middle. Sessions will be 30 minutes, 12:30pm - 1:00pm EDT. 

Session 1 | Thursday, 5/28 

What is TV Viewing like in the time of COVID-19? How many people are watching, how much and when? 

VAB SVP Marianne Vita and Xandr's Charlotte Lipman shared insights on new viewing habits and how  you can best adapt your strategy to the "new normal." 

They discussed:

  • The new normal of messaging
  • The new normal if audience scale
  • The new normal of what people are watching

View the full video here.

Session 2 | Tuesday, 6/2  

Right Message, right time: How do I get started with an audience first approach?  

With home as sanctuary, audiences of all ages and backgrounds are watching TV in greater numbers and devoting more time to it. The opportunity is ripe for a truly audience-first buying approach. We cover what you need to know about addressable advertising. 

  • Reach and engagement potential with ad-supported TV across all audiences
  • Opportunities in targeting - data, technology, creative and measurement 
  • Case studies on outcomes for brands at each stage of the purchase cycle

View the full video here.

Session 3 | Thursday, 6/4 

Should I continue to advertise during this time of economic uncertainty?

We will provide a historical perspective as well as a refresher on the marketing principles that protect brand health and financial stability.

  • A historical perspective – what do previous downturns tell us about how brands should respond now?
  • The marketing principles proven to protect brand health and financial stability during a recession
  • Brand case studies – real world examples of how brands navigated a recession and emerged stronger

Stay tuned for the full video. 

Session 4 | Tuesday, 6/9  

Should I continue advertising on TV during this crisis?

We showcase concrete, real-world analysis and case studies showing how spend impacts brand outcomes, in both long and short term.

  • Correlation between TV ad spend and business outcomes
  • The growth in video viewership
  • The opportunities for marketers in increased TV, streaming and cross-screen viewing

Session 5 | Thursday, 6/11

VAB Custom Study! Explore the nuances of consumer and media behavior during the time of COVID-19. 

We will share findings from our custom research to identify marketing implications and actionable takeaways for your plans.

  • To what extent are consumers adopting new technology?
  • As consumers are looking for more sources of entertainment, to what extent are they adding streaming platforms to their viewing repertoire?
  • With many brands looking to reach the sports viewer, what are they now watching and how can marketers reach them?


Session 6 | Tuesday, 6/16

How has quarantine impacted second-screen behavior and how can my brand “safely” capitalize on the growth of social media during this time?

With Americans quarantined in their homes, the combination of live television and social media provides a sense of community and camaraderie not available anywhere else. Through our custom Twitter trending topic analysis, we take a fun look at what’s getting people talking online. This will inspire thinking around how your brand can be part of this conversation and build deeper relationships with consumers. You’ll learn about:

  • Why premium video programming is sparking conversation now more than ever
  • What everyone is talking about online – what it means for you
  • How do brands seize the opportunity to get involved in this conversation

 We look forward to seeing you “there!"

As always, please feel free to turn to us and remember you can always reach out to our Insights team for any specific questions you may have. 

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