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COVID-19 has changed the way we work. Are you questioning everything and wondering how to protect your company and brand during this uncertain time?

We are here to help by providing research, guidance and examples of how to navigate during this global crisis.  

View our latest work below, guiding marketers through the COVID-19 pandemic and recent examples of VAB content that marketers have been utilizing to stay on top of the current situation and stay ahead of what’s to come.

VAB COVID-19 Resources

VAB Streaming Week: Video Streaming: Latest Data, Trends and Insights Through this series, we tackle the questions that marketers and multiscreen platforms ask when developing video strategies. 

VAB INSPIRE Summer Series On the heels of our popular VAB INSPIRE Spring series, we are brought you a Summer INSPIRE 3-part series,  answering your questions on important topics and trends impacting brand marketing and offer you actionable insights to sharpen your strategies.   

VAB Inspire: New Virtual Series - Spring 2020  We are answering your questions about the trends impacting brand marketing and media strategies during the COVID-19 era with our VAB INSPIRE – Spring 2020 Series. These 30-minute sessions will help you to make informed decisions that protect and grow your brand during this time. We'll tackle the most frequently asked marketer questions and offer fresh perspectives and insights with supporting data. View the full discussions here

Navigating the Flood: Charting Your Way Through Today's Streaming Ecosystem  This 10-minute read will bring you up-to-date on the latest trends and consumption around streaming video with actionable takeaways to inform your marketing strategies and media recommendations. Stay tuned for part two! 

A Matter of Principle In this refreshed guide, we have revisited these 10 principles in the context of the current climate to offer you specific guidance on how they can be applied to decision-making today.

Ad Spend Forecast Round-Up We’ve compiled the ad spend forecasts from experts such as MAGNA Global, GroupM and The Myers Report into a short summary. Available for members only. 

#AloneTogether: Culture in the Time of COVID-19  In this custom analysis, we take the cultural pulse of the country to see what people are most talking about on Twitter.  You'll learn how marketers can find and build connections to committed, engaged and attentive viewers. 

Keep Calm and Advertise On How can you advocate for your campaigns and defend your budgets in the face of economic turmoil? Our latest guide is filled with 100 years of irrefutable data, marketing principles & real-world case studies that demonstrate how maintaining or increasing ad spend will grow brand share of market, both in near- and long-term.  

As Time Goes By: How Media Consumption Is Helping America Cope  We dig into the current media trends and explore opportunities around increased adoption of new technologies, devices and platforms. This custom data and analysis will provide you with actionable insights that you can apply to your plans today. 

Make Yourself at Home: TV Viewing in the Time of COVID 19  People have more time. People are trying new media. People are thirsty for new content.  We continue to quantify the affect this evolving ‘new normal’ has on video viewership. For the latest in viewer trends and how it may impact your brand or buying strategy, view our continuously updated bulletin here.

Our members-only Resource Guide to COVID-19  will answer some of the toughest questions you're facing such as, "Should I continue advertising"  "How do I build a stronger relationship with consumers during this time?" 

A Second Look  A quick look at 10 of our most requested slides from recent reports that will help guide you through the pandemic.  

VAB Scoop.It board  We will continue to gather current news articles on coronavirus and how it is impacting the media industry. This will give you a clear overview of how the situation is evolving. You can access the board via this link.

VAB Recommended Insights

A Matter of Principle explains the importance of protecting your brand health and the financial benefits of long-term brand building. 

America's Newest Pastime is helping marketers justify shifting their lost sports impressions to news programming. 

With retail stores closing and more revenue shifting online, Deciphering DTC  enables legacy marketers to learn about the inner workings of the most successful ecommerce companies. 

Committed illustrates why multiscreen television is turned to during a crisis by quantifying America’s emotional attachment to TV programming. 

VAB’s six years of custom attribution work correlating TV spend and website traffic for over 500 brands across 85 categories provides marketers evidence that advertising directly affects ecommerce traffic and revenue.

VAB Conversations

DTC Brands See Media Opportunity in Crisis VAB SVP Director of Strategic Insights, Jason Wiese, talks with PYMNTS.COM about the current economic crisis and the media opportunity, especially for DTC retail. 

Maintaining Share of Voice is Essential Now Beet.TV talks with VAB EVP Danielle DeLauro to discuss the importance of brands maintaining share of voice during an economic downturn and shares important takeaways on what trends data supports for media investment during COVID-19. 

Video is Social Podcast ,VAB SVP Director of Strategic Insights, Jason Wiese, joined Albert Thompson, Founder & Director, Brand Strategy, Transient Identiti in his podcast series chronicling how consumer behavior continuously redefines marketing with an eye towards the future. Together, they discussed how premium video has been the ultimate catalyst for online conversations and the opportunities to reach and connect with consumers. 

Weathering COVID-19 VAB President and CEO Sean Cunningham talks with Tracey Swedlow, CEO of ITVT/TVOT on how the pandemic is affecting the advanced and interactive TV industry.

Webinar Series - Moving Forward Together  Moving Forward Together- Partners + Insights Series with Ampersand. VAB EVP Danielle DeLauro joined Ampersand's SVP Marion Hargett to discuss the latest COVID-19 viewing trends and solutions for current challenges that marketers are facing. 

Advice for Brands in the Defining Moment of Today's Business Landscape  Sean is among his industry peers sharing what is essential for brands to do during these challenging times to stay profitable and positive.   

EGTA Online Talk  Sean talks with Lindsay Clay, CEO of Thinkbox on the expected short, medium and long-term impact of the current crisis on the advertising industry, discussing how is this affecting the way we consumer TV and the main lessons to be learned.  

#TVGlobal View Webinar  In this discussion on challenges and opportunities for the advertising industry with Aviaegta, and LAMAC, Sean shares how to get ahead of the curve from a business perspective so that you are positioned to come out on the other side stronger.

Podcast: The Brand View  VAB EVP Danielle DeLauro and TVSquared President Jo Kinsella offer actionable, real-world advice that every advertiser should consider right now, regardless of category. 

How Programmers & Advertisers are Making the Most of the Viewing Spike - Beet.TV  Given the shift in viewing trends that have occurred, Sean talks about how this has led to advertisers finding their target audiences in unexpected ways and how marketers should take advantage.

VAB Thought Leadership

9 Tips for Getting the Best Value From Your Advertising Spend During a Crisis Sean Cunningham, President & CEO, VAB talks about how brands can win during and after a crisis and how to seize the competitive advantage and connect emotionally with consumers. 

How Marketers Should Pivot Based on Long-Term Media Habits Kathy Grey, SVP, Research Innovation at VAB talks about new opportunities for marketers and how they need to consider the less predictable effects that COVID-19 will have on media habits and the impact these shifts will have on brand growth. 

5 Data-Backed Axioms For Successfully Leading Your Brand Through a Recession  provides 5 data supported strategies to help #brands emerge stronger on the other side of this economic downturn . 

CFOs: Marketers Key to the C-Suite  provides examples of how CMO's can work more effectively with CFO's.  As budgets are being questioned, this article offers 3 ways to develop a successful relationship with your CFO to create shared accountability for marketing results and build long-term brand longevity-together.  

Strengthening the Partnership: 3 Ways Agencies Can Better Guide Their Clients  talks about how agencies can function as true brand advisers and be helpful in keeping their clients focused on the principles that drive brand growth. 

Confronting The Dangers of a Short-Term Marketing Strategy  offers guidance to marketers about finding the right balance between brand building and short-term tactics. Marketers can drive both immediate demand and long-term equity as we see the increasing need to restore this balance within our marketing mixes.

At VAB, we are wholly committed to helping you navigate the constant changes we are all experiencing by providing timely and actionable data and insights. We offer marketers complimentary access to our continuously updated, virtual Insights library. If you don't already have an account, simply sign-up for immediate access. Please feel free to lean on us during this time and remember that we are always here to answer your toughest marketing questions. 

Most importantly, we hope you and your family are safe and healthy.  

Please continue to check back for updates.

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