COVID-19 Insights
As Time Goes By: How Media Consumption Is Helping America Cope

In this VAB custom study, we dig into how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting consumers and media behavior and provide actionable insights to strengthen your brand

The study answers questions like:

  • Our need for information and entertainment has significantly grown, and so media has become a focal point in our new quarantine lifestyle. Which platforms offer engagement opportunities for marketers?

    -The TV has become the centerpiece of the household with 83% of adults saying “they couldn’t imagine not having a TV set right now.”

  • With many marketers quickly pivoting to new messaging, what is the impact on consumers and how are these messages resonating in the current culture?

    -70% of adults don’t form a negative association with messages airing in COVID-19 coverage.

  • How has this time at home resulted in increased adoption of new media, technology, and streaming platforms? How can marketers leverage new technologies to connect with these large-scale audiences in new, unexpected ways?

    -54% of adults say they’ve learned how to use more features on their smart TVs or a TV related device/platforms.

    -36% of adults added a new streaming service.

This report offers custom data, analysis, and insights to help you make informed marketing decisions. Download below.

To hear more about this topic and other trends impacting the industry, check out our VAB INSPIRE: Virtual Learning Series here.

% of respondents who agree with the statement
% of respondents who agree with the statement
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