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Video Viewing in the Time of COVID-19

As many of us may have settled into a routine we’ve all been calling the ‘new normal’, we quantify the affect this evolving ‘new normal’ has on video viewership

In our latest analysis, we continue to analyze these ever-changing viewer dynamics to provide NEW insights and clarity around the ‘new normal’.  People have more time. People are trying new media. People are thirsty for new content. Here, we not only share what & when are they watching, how many are watching and how are they engaged but also share new analysis and insights.

To keep you up to date on the latest, in this report you’ll learn:

1) How Video and TV viewership behaviors are shifting as we settle into new routines

  • 70% of survey respondents binge watch more TV shows and movies right now

2) What the programming and scheduling opportunities are to best reach your consumers

  • All age groups continue to see significant, double-digit increase during the day- especially kids, teenagers and young adults

3) How viewers are expanding their video consumption across platforms and new places for brands to engage them

  • 54% have learned how to use more features on their smart TV or a TV related device/platform

4) Where have sports viewers gone –  and where can brands still reach them

  • 74% are watching MORE or the same amount of TV during the pandemic

5) 420 brands have quickly pivoted their messaging to our COVID-19 reality - how are consumers reacting?

  • 52% said that companies with specific COVID-19 related advertising messages positively impacts their perception of the brand

For the latest in viewership trends and actionable insights to keep you ahead of what’s to come, download this report below.

As always, we are here for you. Check out our members-only resource guide addressing advertisers most frequently asked questions on how to handle the crisis, our Dedicated Insights Resource Center for education and guidance, as well as our page curated with the latest news impacting the industry.

Recently released: VAB Custom Study, As Time Goes By: How Media is Helping America Cope where we dig deeply into current media trends and analyze COVID-19’s impact on media behavior. 

To hear more about this topic and other trends impacting the industry, check out our VAB INSPIRE: Virtual Learning Series here.

Ad-Supported TV ‘Total Time Spent’: Total Day (Monday-Friday) Total Weekly Minutes Viewed (in billions)
% Of Respondents Who Increased Usage By Platform Since COVID-19 Outbreak P18+

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