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VAB Resource Guide To COVID-19: VAB Members Exclusive

As always, we are here for you.

We know this is a challenging time of uncertainty. Brands are being rocked by this pandemic. Marketers have tons of questions around how to approach their brand and protect their business right now.

To help support our members, we’ve created this VAB Resource Guide to COVID-19 based on the most commonly marketer asked questions during this time of global crisis.  We tackle critical issues and answer some of the industry’s toughest questions such as:

  • Short-term vs long-term brand marketing – what should I do?
  • Should I continue advertising?
  • What can social media do for my brand?
  • How should my brand be handling this global crisis?

As always, we are here to answer your questions and stay ahead of what’s next.

This guide is available to VAB Members only.

This guide is available to VAB Members only.
VAB Insights content is available to all VAB Members and is complimentary to all qualifying marketers.
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