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Culture in the Time of COVID-19

What are your consumers talking about on Twitter?

What is everyone talking about during this time of physical and emotional isolation?

Real-time social platforms like Twitter act as a mirror reflecting what consumers have been most passionate about and attentive to during the pandemic. This understanding of what most engages consumers is critical for brands who, in the absence of experiential programs, retail shopping, events, and other in-person activations, are often just as isolated from their customers as we are from each other.

In this custom analysis, we take the cultural pulse of the country to see what people are most talking about on Twitter.  What you’ll learn and how it can help sharpen your marketing plans:

  • Video content accounted for 75% of the top primetime trending topics – learn what programming is igniting conversation in order to reach engaged, attentive viewers.
    • Audiences chatted about programming on 59 different video platforms and networks.

  • Ad-supported TV comprised 54% of all topics in the top 10 topics during primetime - see what types of shared-interest TV communities are on social media platforms.
    • Virtually every night of the week, the majority of Twitter’s top 10 trending topics were about ad-supported TV.

  • With over 144 pieces of video content trending, video programming is clearly able to move a wide variety of audiences –  see what content, across entertainment, sports, and news is stirring conversation and commentary among your target consumers.
    • At least one video-related topic trended everyday of the six-week analysis, covering a variety of genres including live news specials, reality TV, scripted dramas, movies , sports-related updates, gaming, music live streams and more.

  • Innovative programming formats are engaging consumers in new & different ways – from benefits to movie nights and live concerts, be inspired to develop new ways for your brand to activate and build relationships with consumers.
    • Multicultural audiences in particular are highly engaged - as diversity-focused social conversations were led by ad-supported TV, streaming programs, Instagram Live music battles, K-pop streaming events and news about upcoming album releases.

To learn how marketers can find and build connections to committed, engaged and attentive viewers, download our report, #AloneTogether: Culture in the Time of COVID-19

% of Top 10 Trending Programs / Content by Platform
Ad-Supported TV Programs That Trended in the Top 10

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