#VideoIsSocial #Ep5 #HolidaySeason
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#VideoIsSocial #Ep5 #HolidaySeason

How Premium Video Leads Online Conversations

Premium video inspires real-time conversation and action.

How can we quantify this?

This custom study is the latest in a series that analyzes primetime trending Twitter topics. In this report, we quantify how many trending topics were sparked by premium video content during the winter holiday period. We further break that down into how programs trended by video platform, content type, and day of week along other metrics.

In this report, you’ll find stats and analysis around the ability of premium video to deliver an engaged, committed viewer. Specifically, you’ll find answers to:

  • To what extent does premium video drive social conversation?
  • What types of programming stirs the most conversation?
  • How does ad-supported TV compare with other video platforms in sparking engagement and discussion?
  • How does social engagement vary by day of week?


Over the course of the 4-week analysis, it was clear that no topic gets people talking online like premium video content, especially ad-supported TV which comprised 80% of all programs that trended. Why? Because this emotionally engaging programming appeals to one of our most basic needs – the desire for shared experiences and to immediately express our thoughts and feelings with others.

% of Premium Video Topics in the Top 10 During Primetime
Ad-Supported TV Programs by Genre Within Top 10 Trending Topics Four-Week Time Period

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