Virtual Learning Series
VAB INSPIRE Full Recap: Spring 2020

VAB INSPIRE: Online Learning Series

Spring 2020 

The current environment has marketers questioning everything – their strategies, budgets and messaging. We are answering your questions about the trends impacting brand marketing and media strategies right now through VAB INSPIRE, our virtual learning series.  These 30-minute sessions will help you to make informed decisions that protect and grow your brand during this time.

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Session 1: Video Viewing in the Time of COVID-19 in partnership with Xandr

VAB's Marianne Vita & Xandr's Charlotte Lipman shared insights on new viewing habits and how  you can best adapt your strategy to the "new normal." 

  • The new normal of messaging
  • The new normal of audience scale
  • The new normal of what people are watching

Session 2: Right Message, Right Time in partnership with Ampersand

VAB's Marianne Vita & Ampersand's Marion Hargett and Justin Rosen discussed best TV-buying practices for an audience-first model. We also welcomed leaders from MAGNAGLOBAL and Modi Media into the discussion to share what they're hearing from brands right now.

  • The increase in viewers of linear TV, streaming and VOD since the pandemic began, and how this time is ripe for an audience-first model
  • Audience measurement and understanding how the industry can catch up to fulfill the promise of an audience-first approach

Session 3: Should I Continue to Advertise During This Time of Economic Uncertainty? 

VAB Danielle DeLauro & Jason Wiese provided a historical perspective as well as a refresher on the marketing principles that protect brand health and financial stability. Together, they shared guidance and useful information above and beyond what was shared in our recent Marketer's Guide, 'Keep Calm and Advertise On'

  • A historical perspective – what do previous downturns tell us about how brands should respond now?
  • The marketing principles proven to protect brand health and financial stability during a recession
  • Brand case studies – real world examples of how brands navigated a recession and emerged stronger

Session 4: Should I Continue Advertising on TV During This Crisis? In partnership with Cadent

VAB's Jason Wiese talked with Cadent's Jes Santoro to showcase concrete, real-world analysis and case studies demonstrating how spend impacts brand outcomes, in both long and short term.

Together, they discussed:

  • The growth in video viewership
  • The proven relationship between share of voice and share of market
  • Why it's important now more than ever to consider a true video agnostic cross platform buying approach

Session 5: Explore the Nuances of Consumer and Media Behavior During the Time of COVID-19 in partnership with NY Interconnect

VAB's Marianne Vita & Kathy Grey spoke with NY Interconnect's Charlie Holmes and shared findings that identify marketing implications and actionable takeaways for your plans.

  • How the pandemic has impacted the adoption of new technology. We explore which devices and platforms consumers are turning to
  • What viewers are watching in the absence of live sports
  • The impact on news programming during this information-critical time

Session 6: The Impact of Second-Screen Behavior and Capitalizing on the Growth of Social Media

VAB's Jason Wiese & Reed Kiely explored viewer engagement, specifically how it relates to second-screen behavior. They also shared insights from our new report, '#AloneTogether' demonstrating not only how video viewing drives social conversations, but how these social conversations were able to drive American culture during physical isolation.  

  • Viewer engagement, specifically as it relates to second-screen behavior
  • How increased video viewing has been driving social conversation during the pandemic
  • How brands can get involved in the conversation 

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