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A Matter of Principle

The Disconnect Between Proven Marketing Tenets and Marketer Behavior

What are the opportunities to drive business growth through the consumer journey and where are the pitfalls limiting growth?

We understand that marketers face significant complexity and pressure. There is a near-limitless number of platforms to evaluate, endless data to review and the expectation to show immediate results.

This complexity can often distract marketers from the core principles proven to grow brands. In our mission to empower marketers to make smarter, more educated decisions about their media strategy, we are providing you with 10 Marketing Principles that will drive business growth and brand health.

In addition to the key marketing principles, we also identify the most common pitfalls that thwart business growth. This clear guide provides actionable advice and essential takeaways to create short-and long-term success.

A glance at one of the common pitfalls and associated marketing principles featured in this guide:

Disconnect: Belief that Brand Health Does Not Have a Significant Impact on Sales or Profitability

  • Only 27% of companies’ boards are examining brand health KPIs
  • Less than half, 45% of marketers, do not use or are neutral to the concept of brand-building metrics such as brand-health, brand strength, and brand value

Marketing Principle No. 4Brand Building Leads to Increased Long-Term Profitability

  • 85% of purchases are based upon emotional attachment
  • “Intangible assets” of a company, largely rooted in brand value, represent nearly 80% of a company’s capitalization

With real-world brand examples and case studies, we empower you to make smarter, more education decisions about your media strategy.

To equip yourself with the 10 Marketing Principles that can help grow your business, download the A Matter of Principle marketer’s guide below.

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