The Secret of My Success
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The Secret of My Success

Examining The Winning Marketing Strategy That’s Fueling High-Growth DTC Brands

Direct-to-Consumer brands are disrupting categories and their innovative marketing approach is making them among the fastest growing brands around. In this new marketer’s guide, The Secret of My Success we show how the marketing strategy of these brands is driving their business.

Through analysis and case studies of 30 of the fastest-growing brands across over 20 categories such as Travel, Men’s Health, Home Goods & Services, Apparel & Accessories, Real Estate and Beauty, you’ll learn:

  • How a total audience marketing approach, from creative and brand messaging to an innovative buying strategy, is fueling their growth
  • How hot brands such as hims, Babbel, MVMT, Wayfair and Away are using their TV campaigns to swell their customer base, drive website traffic and increaserevenue.
  • Clear proof to show your clients and marketing leads the impact of multiscreen TV on consumer action, ranging from driving unique visitors to total visits and sales.

Be inspired by what’s catapulting these brands to success and how you can apply to your own brands and plans.

Interested in learning more about what audience-based buying is and why brands are finding success with it? Check out our Audience-Based Buying Insights Center.

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