Deciphering Direct-to-Consumer
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Deciphering Direct-to-Consumer

An Insider’s Guide to America’s Fastest Growing Brands

While the world’s biggest marketers are all searching for growth, a new growth sector within the American economy has quickly emerged over the last few years: Direct-to-Consumer.

DTC brands have been a disruptive force throughout society and are siphoning market share from legacy companies in even the most established categories.

Within this guide, you will learn about:

  • The impact the DTC segment is having across categories like pet care, mattresses and luxury goods
  • The DNA of DTC brands and their innovative approach to growth and the consumer
  • The core characteristics of the DTC Shopper backed by 75+ need-to-know stats – who are they and what motivates them?
  • The evolutionary path of DTC brands from inception to maturity
  • How incumbent companies are looking to DTC brands for inspiration

Here are the 5 Insights Essentials from Deciphering Direct-to-Consumer

  1. DTC brands are finding success across categories with their ability to evolve with consumers and fulfill specific needs
    • DTC mattress brands already account for 20% of market share within the category. 
  2. DTC brands differentiate themselves from other products and competitors by adhering to a common set of seven core principles
    • See how these core principles have successfully tapped into a rising class of time-pressed, tech-savvy consumers.
  3. Four custom archetypes were developed to understand the mindset of the DTC Shopper
    • Mobility, early technology adoption, convenience, comfort, knowledge and advocacy highlight the main characteristics found within the four archetypes.
  4. DTC brands are continually evolving their strategies and tactics as they mature and look to become a household name
    • Many DTC brands establish their customer base through social media then add platforms like podcasts and, ultimately, multiscreen TV to reach a broader audience. 
  5. They inspire, and are also acquired by, traditional companies
    • Several DTC brands have been so successful that they’ve been acquired by legacy companies.

For an in-depth look, download the full insider’s guide.

Trend-driven, high-trial categories such as personal care, apparel, food and pet care are some of the most popular DTC categories
‘Direct-to-Consumer’ is projected to account for a significant portion of purchases in the near future

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