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Analyzing The ‘Big Bets’ DTC Brands Are Making On TV

We’re passionate about identifying growth brands, which is why for the last six years we’ve been tracking the TV investment of data-focused, performance-driven, digital-native, direct-to-consumer companies.

Our largest analysis to date of this growing category, Direct Outcomes: Analyzing The ‘Big Bets’ That DTC Brands Are Making On TV, again demonstrates how TV has been instrumental in driving consumer action for a robust set of DTC brands.

These brands have effectively employed TV to drive both short- and long-term success through the purchase funnel – from skyrocketing website traffic that bring in millions of new prospective customers immediately after a TV campaign launches to significant lifts in sales seen during sustained TV campaigns.

The proof of success is highlighted by the DTC brands themselves.  With their cutting edge analytic tools and team of data scientists at their disposal, DTC brands know exactly what media works for driving their business which is why this set of 125 companies analyzed within ‘Direct Outcomes’ have bet big on TV, collectively investing $3.8 billion on TV during 2018, an increase of $1.4 billion (+60%) over the prior year alone.

Driving Consumer Action across Each Stage of the Purchase Funnel: Key Highlights


  • ‘Emerging’ brands collectively increased their TV spend 167% in 2018 vs. prior year


  • ‘Expanding’ brands saw an average increase of 95% in their online video ad views as they increased their TV investment


  • ‘Emerging’ brands saw an average 93% lift in their website traffic through the duration of their TV flight vs. prior to TV launch


  • Both ‘emerging’ and ‘expanding’ brand segments saw double- and triple-digit increases in their revenues once they started spending on TV

The founders of DTC brands share how their big bets in TV advertising led to business outcomes, click here to see our 'You Innovate. TV Elevates' ad campaign.

To hear more about this topic and other trends impacting the industry, check out our VAB INSPIRE: Virtual Learning Series here.

125 DTC Brands Added +$1.4 Billon to the TV Marketplace Over the Last Year
Website Traffic Sees An Immediate Surge Upon the Launch of a TV Campaign

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