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We’re passionate about identifying growth brands, which is why for the last six years we’ve been tracking the TV investment of data-focused, performance-driven, digital-native direct-to-consumer brands. Our latest analysis of this growing category, Direct Outcomes: Analyzing The ‘Big Bets’ That DTC Brands Are Making On TV, again demonstrates how TV has been instrumental in driving consumer action for a robust set of DTC brands


As a natural extension to this Insights work, last year we launched the Founders campaign, the first-ever TV industry ad campaign to underscore the pivotal role that television plays in business growth. Through the authentic voices of their founders, this campaign profiled the inspiring stories of Wayfair and Gwynnie Bee who champion TV as a catalyst to their skyrocketing growth.

Continuing the momentum into 2019, we are now partnering with the founders of Touch of Modern and Peloton, two digitally-native, profitable brands for whom television quickly became an integral component of the marketing mix. Look for the Peloton and Touch of Modern brand stories throughout the summer on multiscreen TV.

Hear from Jerry Hum, CEO and Co-Founder of Touch of Modern, on how TV has significantly elevated his brand.

Touch of Modern

Touch of Modern is the leading ecommerce app for men to discover cutting edge lifestyle products.

“As a digitally-native brand, when we started with television it was just an experiment and it ended up being the biggest portion of our marketing spend. If I were advising another company, I’d tell them to test TV out, but as a competitor, I’d tell them not to.”

In July, tune in for the next VAB story featuring John Foley, Founder and CEO of Peloton, airing on multiscreen TV.

Peleton John Foley

John Foley

Founder and CEO

of Peloton