Reaching the Right Audiences - Results from a Survey of over 200 Marketers.
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Reaching the Right Audiences - Results from a Survey of over 200 Marketers.

Why brands and agencies are increasing their adoption of audience-based TV buying

Understand how innovative TV buying strategies are being adopted across four marketer segments.

In early May, we released Unlocking Brand Growth with Audience-Based Buying in partnership with Spectrum Reach. This study revealed the practices and attitudes of over 200 marketers on audience-based TV buying (ABB).

Now, we’re sharing a deeper dive of the findings and exploring the specific attitudes, behaviors and practices of four key marketer segments: ‘large’ and ‘small’ brand marketers and agency professionals who work with small and large budgets.

See how your peers are incorporating an audience-first approach and how it’s impacting their success. You’ll learn:

  • Why ABB is being leveraged to reach the right audiences during economic uncertainty.
  • What role it plays in tailoring TV campaigns to engage the right audiences.
  • How brands and agencies are being trained in ABB.
  • How to overcome obstacles to wider ABB adoption.
  • The measurement solutions being used to understand the impact of ABB campaigns.

This study was developed by VAB in partnership with Spectrum Reach and fielded by Advertiser Perceptions.

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