Unlocking Brand Growth with Audience-Based Buying
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Unlocking Brand Growth with Audience-Based Buying

A fresh look at how marketers are adopting innovative TV strategies

Two years ago, we asked your marketing colleagues about their practices and attitudes on audience-first TV buying.

As we ask these questions again in 2023, it’s clear that the economy is significantly influencing the responses. Economic uncertainty has placed a greater focus on strategies that deliver effectiveness and efficiency against best customer prospects. As budgets are scrutinized, more marketers are integrating audience-based buying as a key part of their TV strategy because it delivers on a range of their KPIs.

See how your peers are utilizing advanced targeting strategies to drive business growth: 

  • How is an uncertain economy impacting TV ad strategies?
  • What benefits are they reaping from audience buying?
  • How are they informing themselves on these buying strategies?
  • How are they quantifying success and impact?

This study was developed by VAB in partnership with Spectrum Reach and fielded by Advertiser Perceptions.

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