What’s the Deal with What’s Next in Measurement?
Insights: Making Sense of Measurement

What’s the Deal with What’s Next in Measurement?

View 5 future trends within video advertising measurement that will empower marketers to measure the impact of their multiscreen TV campaigns more effectively.

How will the video measurement space evolve and innovate over the next few years?

We are proud to share the final piece in our series “What’s the Deal with…” This 5-part series has been developed to provide you with clear, concise and straightforward answers to the most commonly asked questions about measurement.

Through this series, we’ve discussed 4 of the most important topics in measurement today: Viewership data collection, Identity, Engagement and Outcomes. In this final piece of the series, we look at what’s next for these critical components of measurement and how marketers can use that innovation to grow their brands. Give your brand an edge by equipping yourself with the latest trends, innovations and opportunities in video measurement.

Check out the first 4 releases in the series which answer often-asked questions about Viewership Data CollectionIdentity, Engagement and Outcomes.

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