It’s A Matter of Trust
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It’s A Matter of Trust

Winning Over the Undecided Voter During Election Season

The combined power of multiscreen TV further strengthens the influence that TV brands have among undecided voters.

In our first report, stemming from our 2018 Midterm Election Survey entitled It's A Matter Of Trust: Media's Influence On Voters, we talked about the prevalence of “fake news” on some platforms, especially social media, and the potential impact it has on key voting constituents across age, gender, ethnicity, occupation and political party affiliation.

As a companion piece to that first report, we have taken an in-depth look at another subset of survey respondents: The “Undecided Voter.”

Not surprisingly, the same concerns and desires exist for the “undecided voter” as they do for other key voting constituents.  “Fake news” is a major concern for them during the election therefore they too desire trusted, accurate media sources to get their information. Much like other voting constituents, it’s also no surprise that multiscreen TV brands are the most trusted source for undecided voters. 

According to our survey, television is the most influential media throughout a voter’s decision-making process:

  • Discover Candidates / Issues: 70% of undecided voters first learn about candidates and issues from TV
  • Information Gathering: 58% of undecided voters have been prompted to take action (seek additional info, discuss with others, etc.) because of TV
  • Generating Interest: 70% of undecided voters rely on TV to stay informed through the election cycle
  • Casting the Final Vote: 59% of undecided voters say their final decision is influenced by TV
Undecided Voters Agree That TV Helps Them Best Form an Opinion on Key Issues
As a Trusted Media Platform, Multiscreen TV Influences Undecided Voters’ Final Decisions

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