The Surround Sound of Cinema
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The Surround Sound of Cinema

Examining How Movies Permeate American Culture

Cinema has the ability to create cultural phenomena and it delivers a mass audience of the most passionate, engaged, rabid fans anywhere.

Consider the following findings from this two-report series that shines a light on the tremendous impact cinema has on our daily lives:

Almost everyone goes to the movies…

  • 86% of adults 18-49 go to the movies each year.

They rush to watch newly released trailers online…

  • Movie trailers can garner millions of online views in their first 24 hours after release.

Then they go to see recent theatrical releases in droves…

  • The top-grossing movies in sci-fi, young adult, horror, animation and musical genres have all been released within the last five years.

They look at their favorite characters almost like family…

  • Movie characters are like family and many have even been around for much longer (52+ years of James Bond, 40+ years of Luke Skywalker, 40+ years of Rocky).

They travel to places they see in their favorite films…

  • Popular movies can increase tourism 31%, on average, to a featured location.

They’re so passionate that they create their own fan art…

  • “Fan-made” trailers can achieve millions of views online.

And, they’ll buy just about any merchandise that’s created.

  • Movie/entertainment-based licensed merchandise generates $118 billion in global retail sales annually.


The Surround Sound of Cinema, Part I: Presence, Popularity, Properties and People is a deep dive into the reach of cinema, the popularity of films and film franchises and the emotional attachment viewers have to characters, often through decades.

The Surround Sound of Cinema, Part II: Places, Passion, Products, Purpose is a deep dive into the far-reaching effects of the cinema industry, inspiring travel and tourism, galvanizing communities of fans, product licensing and commerce and influencing social change.

Many Popular Franchises Have Lived in the Public Consciousness for Years, Often Stretching Across Generations
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