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How 'Live' TV Sparks Continuous Conversation Online

This inaugural report in VAB custom series, #TVisSocial

illuminates the significant engagement viewers have with TV programming as expressed through social media.

No longer a passive medium, ad-supported TV compels millions of people to actively share their real-time thoughts and opinions on the content they’re consuming live. TV consistently creates and captures moments that are exciting, entertaining, humorous, enlightening, uplifting, aspirational, inspirational and educational...moments that people almost immediately share and talk about online.

This custom report demonstrates the popularity of ad-supported TV on Twitter, as measured by its ability to trend on Twitter over a four week period. A few highlights:

  • Ad-supported TV accounts for nearly eight of the top 10 top trending topics during primetime hours.
  • Ad-supported TV accounts for 90% of the entertainment content that trended in the top 10 topics
  • Regardless of the night, at least half of the top 10 trending topics were based on ad-supported TV content.
When It Comes To Enterainment Programs, Nothing Else Gets People Talking Online Like Ad-Supported TV Content Only one other ad-supported platform
On Any Night At Any Given Time, At Least Half Of the Top 10 Trending Topics Were Based O Ad-Supported TV Content

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