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What’s App’ning!!!

The TV-Online Traffic Correlation for Mobile Apps

With over 1,000 mobile apps added to the Apple app store each day, it’s become crucial for developers to build large audiences quickly in hopes of monetizing their product and maximizing their investment.

Because of this, the category has been increasingly turning towards the power of TV advertising to increase downloads, visits and in-app purchases and now collectively spends almost $1 billion annually in the medium.

This VAB report illustrates the critical effects of TV advertising on online traffic. The report analyzes 60 mobile apps across 10 categories: games, commerce/retail, media, sports, tech/telco, financial, restaurants, travel, music and education. Key highlights include:

  • 46 of the 60 mobile apps (77%) we analyzed showed a direct correlation between TV spend and app traffic.
  •  On average, the 46 apps with a correlation saw their unique visitors decrease 20% when TV ads weren’t active and increase 25% when TV ads were active.
Our Analysis Universe: 60 Mobile Apps Across 10 Categories
Deep Dives: Select Examples of “Games” Apps’ Demonstrated TV Spend / Traffic Correlation

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