You Down With OTT?
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You Down With OTT?

An Overview of the Over-The-Top Video Ecosystem

The Math of OTT: A formula of addition, not subtraction.

With over 820 million connected video devices in the U.S. and hundreds of different streaming services, the over-the-top video ecosystem is about delivering more to the consumer.


  • 71% of internet users use an OTT service at least once a month.


  • Consumers have a voracious appetite for content, in fact a large majority of OTT HHs also have a multichannel subscription.


  • Nearly one-third of OTT subscribers hold three or more means of accessing OTT content, an eight-fold increase over just the last two years.


  • 45% of streamers say it’s important to them to be able to watch TV programs “on the go,” while 81% say it’s important to them to watch TV programs whenever they want.

More…Advertising Opportunities

  • Currently, advertising comprises 45% of all online video revenue and is projected to grow to almost 60% over the next 10 years.
  • 65% of people who use a second screen while streaming have looked up info on a product that’s been advertised in a TV show.

We've also produced a companion directory for "You Down With OTT" which provides an in-depth overview of "who's who" within the ad-supported OTT ecosystem. This directory focuses on the major players across OTT video devices and services, MVPDs and ad-tech networks and platforms.

OTT Streaming Services and Devices Ecosystem
Collectively, Subscribers Also Find Acquired Network TV Series to be More Enjoyable Than Original Content on These Services

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